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Advantages and disadvantages of water-cooled screw chiller

Advantages and disadvantages of water-cooled screw chiller

  • 2021-05-18

Water-cooled screw chiller uses screw compressor. Then what are the advantages and disadvantages of water-cooled screw chiller?

The main analysis is as follows:

Advantages of water-cooled screw chiller :

1. Simple structure, few wearing parts, only 1/10 of the piston type, low failure rate, long service life.

2. Circular motion is stable, no “surge” phenomenon when running at low load, low noise and small vibration.

3. Easy to adjust, can be in the range of 25%~100% stepless regulation, high efficiency when part of the load, significant power saving.

4. Small volume, light weight, can be made into a fully enclosed large capacity unit.

5. It belongs to positive pressure operation, and there is no problem of external gas invasion and corrosion.

6. Compression ratio can be up to 20, high EER value

7. Not sensitive to wet stroke.

Disadvantages of water-cooled screw chiller: 

1. The unit capacity is smaller than the centrifugal unit and the rotation speed is lower than the centrifugal unit.

2. The lubricating oil system is complex and consumes a lot of oil.

3. The noise of large capacity unit is higher than that of centrifugal type.

4. High machining accuracy and assembly accuracy are required.

5. Higher price than piston type.

Yiyun water-cooled screw chiller adopts world famous screw compressor Bitzer and Hanbell. It widely used in medium and large scale plastic, electronic manufacturing, electroplating, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, ultrasonic cooling, printing and other industrial production. It precisely controls the temperature required for modern industrial mechanization production, thus greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.

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